My experience with Ayla Rose has been truly Transcendental. Above the range of normal physical human experience. I have done numerous Intuitive Energy Readings with her and each time I left the session feeling a peace, lightness, and wholeness that surpasses any previous experience in my lifetime. When I think about the times in my life where I have felt pure love, bliss, it mirrors my experience with Ayla. She connects to you, reads your energy, feels where your bliss is cut off or blocked and opens up those blockages. Ayla in my opinion is a spiritual guide, an energy therapist, a conduit of bliss. Who does not want to experience bliss and pure love? These sessions have gotten me to a spiritual plane where the good stuff happens. What does that mean? It means I have clarity of mind, peace in my heart, and comfort in my body. My relationships are better and I am more open and accepting in all areas of my life. I highly recommend seeing Ayla for an otherworldly experience that will positively affect your daily life. 


I have never been so blown away by the level of knowledge a Tarot reader/psychic has had like Ayla. I met her at Live Lotus, didn't get to know her but the universe works in mysterious ways. I met her again at Enlightened Meditation when I took her class, it was from this point my journey of healing peeked. I was blown away by her presence, very goddess-like, I chatted with her only to cut it short due to time constraints, however, the universe would soon have us chat more the next time around. She offered a 15-minute Tarot reading that left me floored with the information she was able to gather about me. I knew I needed to have another reading and let me tell you, am so ecstatic. The reading offered me so much insight into my journey, she discussed a plethora of personal topics that had been told to me by others prior. What made the experience amazing was how safe I felt. If your thinking of purchasing her services, please do it, so worth it. Thank you Ayla!

~ Cory

I feel so thankful and blessed to know this human in this lifetime. From the first time I encountered her as a goddess hosting group meditation circles at Live Lotus to the one on one work we’ve done together, I’m always so moved. Her spirit and energy is genuine, soft, yet powerful. We’ve had some intense sessions together, sometimes channeling things that she doesn’t regularly experience in this work. She creates a space for you that feels safe and welcoming, you feel supported, and it is clear she honors her gifts with much respect. Everyone’s work with Ayla will be different, because whatever it is that you need to know or be reminded of will come through. Nonetheless I wouldn’t expect anyone to have sessions that don’t leave you feeling seen, heard, felt, supported, loved, and also fully charged up to handle whatever it is that you are meant to. I’ve full on bawled during sessions and felt so energized and pumped up for life afterwards—it’s hard to explain in words. If you are curious about energetic work, or want to dig a little, or dive SUPER deep please do yourself the honor and plan a session with Ayla and let her become the channel to help you on your journey. Her genuine spirit is undeniable. Vibes don’t lie. So much love and gratitude that I get to know you in this lifetime Ayla. Thank you so much for all that you do for the collective tribe<3

~ Chantal B

“Ayla has shed light on some of my darkest situations. She makes astrology feel extremely practical while I’ve found other vehicles of intuition may make it feel out of reach or esoteric. Ayla meets you exactly where you are and acts as a guide to what you need but may not be able to see in that moment. Sessions with her have been, for me, life changing in that I see myself move closer to my truth after each conversation. I can feel a significant difference in how I feel and where I stand in my journey. Whether that looks like increased motivation, acceptance, inspiration or literal movement, whatever I need to peel back a layer has been provided with Ayla’s guidance.”

~ Victoria 

Where to start so much to share.
I meet Ayla back in 2018 at Live lotus in San Jose she was facilitating a sound healing mediation. My first experience ever in this modality.
The connection was instant, it was magnetic.
Very quickly we exchanged contact information and our portals of communication opened.
Ayla offered me a reading and I decided that it would be perfect since I was in a place of asking a lot questions and needed some guidance.

The first reading was magical. It felt like she knew me from lifetimes ago. The information she was transmuting was so exact that it started transforming my life. We connected on a higher energy field.
She was able to read me and understood that I still needed to experience a few more things in my life before we can have full clarity on the information she was transferring to me.

A couple months passed and my transformation had started taking place.
I stated to comprehend the totality of the portal we were uncovering.
As we continued with readings (and therapy lol)
Ayla has been an anchor of divine messages for me from my Guides and Angels. She has been able to read exactly into the events that were in foreseeable near future.
She was able to see opportunities with my love life, my work life, my present moments and my near future. Each reading was perfectly aligned with the events that the universe was manifesting at the moment, making everything a reality of truth.

Ever since, I've was able to connected with Ayla on a higher level of Consciousness my life has changed drastically, a 360 and I’m not Exaggerating.

Im currently in a place of expansion and becoming a Transformational coach in the spiritual and conscious community.
I have left my mainstream job that I had dedicated 22 years of, in a mind set of working for someone else. I have discovered the power that is within me and for that I have a lot too thank Ayla for.

I wouldn't change a thing and 100% recommend her services to anyone that is in a state of guidance and self discovery.

To be continued.

~ Dayana 222

“Where do I start? I will keep this as short as possible.

My journey with Ayla began back in 2016. For some reason, I was naturally drawn to her but little did I know my Spirit has already known her. 

During our session, I felt entirely comfortable and surrendered with ease. Though I had only recently began my own meditation practice, I was able to have visions and experience a huge release. As she explained, everything she said resonated with me. I remember feeling overwhelmed (in a good way) because it was like I knew all of this before… she was just helping reveal the truths I had “forgotten” about. From the moment we have connected, I recognized Ayla’s intuitive gift and also LOVE that fact that she respects boundaries. She has never once attempted to “read” my energy or provide healing without my permission.

 She does however happen to know when I need her most and always makes herself available to provide her services. 

The further we have journeyed together, the more open I have become to what she has to offer. 

Ayla helped provide insight as to why I was experiencing my troubles (aka lessons). With her help, I was able to look at myself and patterns that I have created for myself. I love that she allowed me to determine whether or not these patterns work for me yet was also open to guiding me on how to change them if they were not aligned with the frequencies I was desiring. 

I will have to admit that my favorite service of hers that I ask for more often than not is her tarot readings. Before we even start our reading, we laugh every time because we just KNOW there’s some juicy stuff that’s going to come up. I’ve honestly lost count of how many readings we’ve done because some are spontaneous & some are pre-planned. She has done readings for me in person & over the phone and all of them are always on point. Sometimes they are short & sweet and other times they are more in-depth. Nonetheless, they are always EXACTLY what I need in that moment. With her readings, most of the time I don’t like to have intentions/questions set (my personal preference) because I am ready to experience what this medicine has for me. Because of her intuition, I trust and surrender to what it is I need to see. Her readings always make it so easy to interpret the message I am waiting for.

A word of advice is to be sure to have a journal & a pen prepared to write what is being expressed/shared. I cannot express how grateful I am for her presence in this lifetime. I highly recommend connecting with this goddess if you feel called to do so. Trust your Spirit.”

~ Angie

“From the first moment I met Ayla several years ago, I noticed a unique clarity in her sweet yet strong demeanor.  Her intuitive energy work is not only powerful but delivered in a way soft enough to embrace.  Upon our first encounter, Ayla did a reading for me that not only was relevant but also full of insight that helped refocus and further inspire the direction I felt my inner being called to move.  Ayla has a special gift to offer this world and I feel honored to have encountered her.”

~ Shannon

Ayla Rose is one of the most compassionate individuals I know. The way that she delivers her readings is in such a non-judgmental tone and her readings are full of so much truth. In interacting with her, all her years of personal growth and education comes out in divine wisdom. She is an example of being a vessel from the divine to speak into your life and to aid you in earning trust with her and the universe that life is a journey and to enjoy it all. She is a woman filled with so much light/unconditional love, every time I get off the phone with her, I get right on track and feel better. She inspires me to elevate my life and she knows exactly how much to push to be the best version of myself. I consider her one of my mentors and am so grateful to have her in my life. Thank you so much Ayla for your love and guidance through my journey and for many more sessions to come.

- Margaret 

“Ayla has this profound ability to instill richness into her enchantingly thorough readings. She adds a sense of finesse, and whole-handedly makes sure you feel supported throughout the experience she creates. She’s very well seasoned, and channels her messages with honesty and full clarity. More so than anything, she Really Sees You and genuinely wishes to provide the insight necessary to help you upon your growth and journey.”


“Three words that come to mind for Ayla are love, authenticity, and truth. Ayla is someone who has provided so much rich guidance for me and has helped me grow personally and spiritually beyond anything I can fully describe. Her guidance and wisdom is something I fully trust, honor, and cherish. Whether it’s assisting me process emotions and situations in my life, encouraging and inspiring me to reach deeply into my power and connect with my heart, honoring my gifts, safely diving into the shadow areas, and coming out even stronger, clearer, and more alive. She is the embodiment of a sweet sense of truthful courageousness and what it means to live authentically and fully from the heart.” 

~ Chris