Ayla Rose

My commitment is to support you in accessing your inherent wisdom and strengthen the connection to your center.  

As an Energy Specialist and Linguist, I tune into energetic signatures and share the information received from them. As a practitioner of the Intuitive and Healing arts, I work with several modalities designed to restore and integrate energetic balance. As a Meditation facilitator, I support peaceful observation of our natural state of being. 

All that is shared is in the spirit of truth, love and gratitude <3

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I work with traditional and progressive modalities and I offer: 

Intuitive Energy Readings/Channeled Session

Tarot and Oracle Card Divination

Astrology And Numerology Reports

Private 1:1 & Group Meditation

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What To Expect

 Support during pivotal transitions. Reflection of insights that you already know, but may not be fully aware of. Safety in the expression of who you are. Tapping into your intuition and gifts. Alignment with what is most true in your heart and spirit. Encouragement to follow your bliss.


Field Notes

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