Embodiment as a movement study, healing modality and art expression has become a process, that I'm obsessed with cultivating and sharing with others as a means for evolutionary growth that supports us in understanding and caring for ourselves better on all spectrums of our existence, personal to universal. 

Lights Out - Movement incubator

Lights Out was started by www.movementlab.dance . Every 2nd and 4th Sunday, it continues to be a dance/movement incubator open to all movers. Lightly facilitated with a curated music list, attendees are encouraged to utilize the time to explore and deepen their dance or movement practice. 

Embodiment Permaculture

Cultivating a permaculture of embodiment/movement modalities, practitioners, and facilitators to share in their knowledge, passions and curiosity in hopes that we can support each other in authentic embodiment.  Experienced or not, all are welcome to contribute and participate in a way that feels true.

Performance Labs

Have an interest in sharing your embodiment process as moving art? Starting Jan 2020 performance labs will launch every 6 weeks for others to witness and evolve with the performed pieces.