Here's the quick version: "Do you read people's minds?" they asked. "No", I said, "I read their hearts"


I've always had an acute interest in and innate awareness of the forces animating life. I eventually answered the call to work publicly as an intuitive, while still keeping one foot in more mainstream professions. I started offering sessions/readings and leading group, corporate and high school meditations, while working with a team of entrepreneurial women, running a startup company in the hub of Silicon Valley, within the wellness and fashion industry.  

Being of service, for me, has been about supporting others in aligning with their own intuition and healing abilities. I'm commited to assisting others gain access to hidden parts of themselves, encouraging inner alignment and recognition, and highlighting how it all weaves into the greater tapestry of life. While I may be able to provide some tokens of knowledge, intuitive downloads, and the use of various of modalities - I'm here to help each person move through the barriers that impede them from embodying the truth within themselves. Most of the time, people find me when they are at an important threshold or passage in their life. My work has a lot to do with reading energy signatures, which comes through various multi-dimensional channels, frequencies, vibrations and through the layers of the human energy body. Some say that I translate energy with a particular keenness, which would term me as clairvoyant, psychic and telepathic. I've been blessed with the opportunity to read for many people from all walks of life.

My personal life has accumulated many direct experiences in moving through mental, emotional and physical blocks and pain. I've had 15+ years of working through and healing these blockages, which continues to open me up and tap me deeper into my abilities. I grew up in a household that had family member dealing with chronic illnesses, along with a history of diseases, such as strokes, diabetes and leukemia. It was a high stress environment, which I had developed my own impediments that showed up as anxiety and depression. I was frustrated with the mainstream approach to health as I observed the deterioration of health (mind and body) in my family and my own wellbeing. I looked to "alternative" ways of healing as a means to understand the dynamics and energies that may be the cause of my own pain and the pain of people around me. This search led me to looking at things from a more metaphysical and spiritual perspective, while still keeping an eye on science backed modalities. In keeping an open and grounded perspective, I have found sacred respite and deep resonance, in my relationship to Creator and the relationship to the healer within me, which I feel resides in all of us and within our planet.

My academic history consists of studying philosophy, world religions, metaphysics, and psychology. I'm a Usui Holy Fire Reiki Level II practitioner, a creator of altars for a movement container, and a devoted movement artist. My dance/movement practice is a pillar in my own journey, as I've discovered the profound and wise design of the body, which I see as spirit through somatics. I facilitate weekly meditation classes, co-facilitate a bi-monthly workshop on the science of mind, self-realization and finding inner freedom. Have facilitated community outreach programs and various workshops centered on the energetics of inner awareness, navigation, healing + growth.

I continue to dive into spirituality, somatic practices, metaphysical sciences and energy work, and have found a naturally intuitive understanding of various modalities, including Astrology + Tarot. I am commited to the consistent understanding of these modalities.  I'm constantly deepening my studies in various practices that are progressive, evolutionary and wellness based - while honoring ancient teachings and wisdoms.  I'm also fully committed to embodying my personal journey in self-realization. 

I desire to share these cultivated wisdoms with you. I'm excited and humbled by each opportunity to help shift another being into their true essence. All of these words are presented in the spirit of love and gratitude. May it be of benefit. Thank you so much for being here, I love you.